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Professional Wedding Planner

In March 2020, my world fell into one million pieces when I heard my wedding was potentially off the cards due to COVID-19. I only had 4 months until my big day and something that was so certain, became very uncertain.

I was planning this special day since I was a little girl and the thought of having no control over my future, was something I couldn't come to terms to. 

My wedding was postponed, my hens was cancelled and everything was up in the air. 

My connection with all my suppliers became closer and closer as the days, weeks and months went on. The stress, anger, frustration and every other emotion you could think of wasn't getting easier. 

In October, after a very hard 7 months, I was married to my now husband! I learnt that love is patient, postponing my wedding taught me that love is more important than anything else. After my experience in 2020, my love for the wedding industry was like no other! This led to me wanting to help other Brides and Grooms going through the same situation. 

So here I am, here to help you plan your wedding!

Marianne Martino xx

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