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Snustad Simmons Principi Di Genetica Pdf 13

nucleus with several thousand genes, perhaps every one of which is active, then you could scarcely hope to develop an overall conception of the variety of biochemical activities in which most of the dna is employed.

Snustad Simmons Principi Di Genetica Pdf 13


it's important to note that while the concept of genetics is taught everywhere, there are quite a few versions in how that is taught, and the teachers of those versions vary in expertise. this book is written with genetics teachers in mind. it's designed to give teachers a solid foundation of the basic concepts and principles. you don't need to be an expert to teach this book to an audience of students. while some of the examples do involve genetics and molecular biology, other parts of the book do not and so this book is a good introduction for a teacher who has no background in genetics but wants to gain an introduction. it provides the knowledge that is necessary to teach the material, but it doesn't spend a lot of time on details of theory or talk about how to do things, because that comes later. it is written in a style that makes it easy for students to follow without having to figure out the theory first, and that comes through in the development of the concepts and in the readability of the text.

we began with the terminology and concepts of genetics. we then saw how it is possible to use these concepts to understand the inheritance of traits. next we delved into the properties of genes and chromosomes. then we looked at mendel's early experiments and the early theories of genetics. finally we covered the current research into genetics and the issues of human genetics and genetic counseling.


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