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Epson 1390 Resetter Communication Error ((NEW))

We are using an original Epson cartridge but printed too many pages. No matter if the cartridge has ink or not, the printer will mark this cartridge as "inoperable." To solve this problem, we can use a chip resetter to override the counter back to zero. You can see how it is done by clicking the troubleshooting link here. If you have a model like Stylus or Workforce, 330, 2630, 252, 2650, 3520, or XP 420, 1390, 1430, 5620, wf-7610, 610, 600, 2750, 2760, 4530the above link will solve it. Sometimes, this happens when you upgrade a cartridge from regular to XL, like 8550, 2540, wf-7110200, wf2760, 7511, 3620, 3720, 7620, 7611, 1100, wf-2750, wf2660, r380. It has nothing to do with firmware or drivers.

Epson 1390 resetter communication error


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