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Verity Zip

The no-verity-opt-encrypt is a package to encrypt the boot loader data of an Android device easily. You can also say that it disables the DM-Verity. This file is required while flashing any Custom firmware or rooting your device. The no-verity-opt-encrypt method has been used by most of the major smartphone brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, OnePlus to secure boot issues.

Verity zip

Here are the unique links to download the several available versions of No-verity-opt-Encrypt 2019. Now, you can easily run advanced actions such as rooting, firmware installation, custom ROM, etc. on supported smartphones with much ease.

Many Android ROMs have become more and more secure. Many devices have been equipped with new system security mechanism to protect any advanced modification to the system itself. One of the known mechanism is Device Mapper Verity, also known as dm-verity. This security mechanism is basically developed to help prevent persistent rootkits that can hold onto root privileges and compromise devices. Most of the recent Android devices need to do a verified boot through the optional dm-verity kernel. This is sure can prevent malware to hide from detection programs and otherwise mask themselves. Unfortunately, for advanced Android users, it can be troublesome to a certain extent because it prevents the device to boot properly once custom recovery like TWRP is flashed.

The Magisk ZIP detects my encrypted /data partition and keeps force encryption, but always disables dm-verity and AVB 2.0 when flashed with TWRP. This leads to the inconvenience that I have to restore the "stock boot image" (with TWRP) and flash it again in Magisk Manager.

With Magisk 17.1 (introduced by topjohnwu in this commit), Magisk installer ZIP now detects system_root_image and keeps dm-verity/AVB 2.0 when being flashed in recovery. This should solve the issue most of the times (at least with my OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 6). 041b061a72


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