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All Girl Topless Band

The Ladybirds was apparently quite the popular name for female pop groups in the 1960s. There were several all-girl bands in the 1960s named The Ladybirds, some of them who performed fully-clothed and some who did not.

all girl topless band

The band contained two-thirds of the popular power trio Cream, in Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton, working in collaboration with British star Steve Winwood of the Spencer Davis Group and Traffic, along with Ric Grech of Family. They began to work out songs early in 1969, and in February and March the group was at Morgan Studios in London, preparing for the beginnings of basic tracks for their album, although the first few almost-finished songs did not show up until they were at Olympic Studios in April and May under the direction of producer Jimmy Miller.[5]

The recording of their album was interrupted by a tour of Scandinavia, then a US tour from 11 July (Newport) to 24 August (Hawaii), supported by Free, Taste and Delaney & Bonnie and Friends. Although a chart topper, the LP was recorded hurriedly and side two consisted of just two songs, one of them a 15-minute jam entitled "Do What You Like". Nevertheless the band was able to produce two hits, Winwood's "Can't Find My Way Home" and Clapton's "Presence of the Lord".[5][6]

The cover was a photo by Bob Seidemann of a topless 11-year-old girl, Mariora Goschen,[7] holding a silver-painted model of an aircraft, sculpted for the album shoot by Mick Milligan.[8] The cover was considered controversial, with some seeing the model airplane as phallic.[9][10] The American record company issued the album with an alternative cover, with a photograph of the band on the front, as well as the original cover.

I could not get my hands on the image until out of the mist a concept began to emerge. To symbolize the achievement of human creativity and its expression through technology a spaceship was the material object. To carry this new spore into the universe, innocence would be the ideal bearer, a young girl, a girl as young as Shakespeare's Juliet. The spaceship would be the fruit of the tree of knowledge and the girl, the fruit of the tree of life.The spaceship could be made by Mick Milligan, a jeweller at the Royal College of Art. The girl was another matter. If she were too old it would be cheesecake, too young and it would be nothing. The beginning of the transition from girl to woman, that is what I was after. That temporal point, that singular flare of radiant innocence. Where is that girl?[11]

The image, which Seidemann titled "Blind Faith", became the inspiration for the name of the band itself, which had been unnamed when the artwork was commissioned. According to Seidemann: "It was Eric who elected to not print the name of the band on the cover. The name was instead printed on the wrapper, when the wrapper came off, so did the type." That had been done previously for several other albums.

The Cycologists are a three man bicycle band from Australia fronted by acclaimed instrument maker Linsey Pollak and also featuring Ric Halstead and Brendan Hook. For their impromptu, outdoor live performances, the band ride up on their bikes and remove the seats in unison to reveal modified clarinets made entirely of bicycle parts. After they've finished performing, they take a bow before hopping back on their clarinets and riding off into the sunset. The live show, Cycology, is a bit more complex. In addition to the bike seat clarinets, it features a wide array of other bicycically-made instruments like the Harmonic Handlebar, Water Bottle Foonki, and Bicycle Pump Panpipe.

Created as a feature in a 2007 BBC Television documentary, "The Zimmers" are a British band, thought to have the oldest members of any band in the world. The youngest member is 67; the lead singer, Alf Caretta, died on June 29, 2010 aged 93; and the oldest member, Buster, is 103.

The feature of forming the band and recording a single was intended to give a voice to the feelings of isolation and imprisonment suffered by the elderly. In September 2008, the band released its first full-length album 'Lust for Life', featuring cover versions of songs by Eric Clapton, The Beatles and Frank Sinatra.

Mini Kiss is a Kiss tribute band made up entirely of midgets. Members include band leader Joey Fatale (4' 4" - Mini Gene Simmons). It is one of the most popular little people tribute bands in existence. They made an appearance on the Game Show Network revival of I've Got a Secret. Because the band does not actually play their music, no recordings are available at this time. The band tours regularly playing venues rang in size from 100 to 1,000 seats. The band made a cameo on the television show Z Rock and had a cameo on one of the Dr Pepper Cherry TV commercials sharing the stage with their full-sized counter parts.

The Burqa Band is an all-female indie rock band from Kabul, Afghanistan. They perform anonymously, all of the members wearing burqas in an apparent protest against the Taliban's rules regarding Islamic dress. They released a single, "Burqa Blue" and a self-titled album in 2002. The group has gained some popularity in Europe in the 2000s, and has toured in Germany, where a song of theirs was remixed by DJ Barbara Morgenstern.

A traffic jam in Los Angeles is nothing new. A traffic jam in Los Angeles because a rock band decided to play an impromptu concert atop a truck ... now that's giving a new meaning to a jam. The Los Angeles section of the 101 freeway was blocked up as a result of the three-man band's illegal antics. It took police over an hour to reach the site of the concert.

In what is believed to be an effort at promotion, members of a band called Imperial Stars blocked all but one lane of the southbound 101 with a large truck advertising the band. The band was, of course, singing their song "Traffic Jam 101." Witnesses said they saw members of the band singing and playing instruments on top of the truck. Three people were under arrest, and officials were trying to get all lanes of the southbound 101 open again. The traffic backup extended into the San Fernando Valley. The driver of the truck fled in another vehicle and took the keys to the vehicle with him.

The Imperial Stars are a self-described "hard core hip hop band" from Orange County whose latest song is "Traffic Jam 101." On its website, the band pledges that all the money earned from the song will be going to Homeless Children America. The website features the same truck used during the impromptu concert at LA. The band has played at the Viper Room and House of Blues.

In the recent past there have been folk metal CDs in subgenres like Tolkien metal (based on the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien) and forest metal. Now we can add the glorious subgenre of pirate metal! Fortified with plenty of liquid courage and featuring a keytar playing vocalist, the Scottish band Alestorm was ready to pillage the masses with their debut in 2008. Captain Morgan's Revenge is a rousing effort. The songs are upbeat tales of drinking, women, treasures, the typical subjects a pirate would sing about. Titles like "Wenches And Mead," and "Set Sail And Conquer" give you an idea of the lyrical inspirations. Along with folk metal, Alestorm amps up the intensity on some of the songs and throws in some thrash riffs and solos.

Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones was filmed flashing back at a topless woman in the crowd at one of their shows earlier this week. The band were on their European tour to celebrate 60 years of being together when the flashing occurred.

The gig took place in Spain last Tuesday (2 August) when a female fan was spotted completely topless on the shoulders of another audience member, swinging an American flag around her head, when Jagger decided to cheekily lift his top up and flash her back.

HELL'S BELLES are first and foremost dedicated AC/DC fanatics. This is what we all have in common. We're all part of a huge community of devotees to one of the greatest rock-n-roll bands in the world. This is who we all are, and this is what HELL'S BELLES strives to deliver with mechanical precision and passionate fury. Endorsed by Angus Young himself (Blender Magazine, 2003), HELL'S BELLES are the closest one can get without actually moving to Australia and joining AC/DC's road crew.

The promotional video for "Bohemian Rhapsody" starts off with the striking, yet simple shot of the four band members sitting in darkness and singing the a capella part of the song. Then it shifts to the musicians performing on stage. The initial image is one that has defined the band since.

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" is considered one of the greatest songs of all time, and the video is a testament to the song as a teen rock anthem. The band is performing at a high school pep rally where cheerleaders have the circle-A anarchy symbol on their chests. The students progressively begin to head bang to the music as a riot erupts and the kids destroy the instruments.

The first collaboration between Alicia Silverstone and Aerosmith featured Silverstone as a girl who catches her boyfriend cheating. She ends up shoving him out of a car and leaving him in the dust and goes into a rebellious phase. She gets a tattoo and a belly button piercing. Eventually, she stands on the edge of an overpass preparing to jump when her ex shows up with a bunch of cops. She leaps and hang over the cars with a rope and flip her ex off is iconic.

"Everybody Hurts" is a heavy song, and the corresponding video highlights the emotional lyrics. As the band and hundreds of other people are stuck in a traffic jam, the camera pans to various individuals sitting in their car with subtitles describing their thoughts. At the end, everyone gets out of their cars and walks before mysteriously vanishing.

Directed by Spike Jonze ("Her"), the


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