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Another country has decided to sell houses for nothing to attract new residents. This time it is a city in Croatia. Its authorities are offering houses for 13 euro cents.

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The city of Legrad, located in Croatia, has decided to follow the example of Italy, where houses are often sold for nothing to attract new residents.

The Croatian city of Legrad sells houses for a symbolic but concrete price of 13 cents. All this is in order to "fix" the demographic situation.

Legrad is a rural town in Croatia, located on the Drava River, right on the border with Hungary. There are many green areas here, so access to nature is guaranteed. Here you can also soak up the water.

The small community of Legrad currently has only 2,000 inhabitants and would like to increase this number. That is why the local authorities have launched a programme to attract young families to the area.

"We became a border town with transport links to other places. Since then, the population has been gradually decreasing," - Ivan Sabolich, the city's mayor, told Reuters at the time.

The requirements for potential residents are a married couple under 45 years old, without their own housing. Preference will be given to people with shortage professions or children.


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