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ReiHook For Dead Fro...

  • Dr. Yui Ikari Ascended Extra: She only had very limited screentime in canon. Here, she does take on a far more active role in the final third of the story.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Yui is an incredibly nice woman. However, get onto her bad side and she will viciously tear into you verbally, as Gendo learned the hard way. Clearly, Shinji inherited that trait from her.

  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: Subverted in that she was never really dead to begin with - which is made clear right at the start. The other characters, however, don't learn about that fact for quite a while.

  • Ghost in the Machine: Shinji doesn't manage to get her out of Unit-01's core, but his efforts do allow Yui to link up with connected computers to communicate with the outside world.

  • Good Parent: Yui is highly caring not only for Shinji, but the other children as well. Also, unlike what is hinted in canon, Yui actively wanted to stop SEELE and never wanted children being forced to pilot the EVA units. It's the latter desire however, that leads to her accident.

  • Mama Bear: Don't mess with her son. Sachiel, Zeruel and Gendo learn that lesson the hard way.

  • So Proud of You: Being the good parent she is, she won't hesitate to say so. Gives this in spades to Shinji for how he managed the huge mess with the Angels and how good of a person he has become. Ironically, while Shinji no longer craves his father's approval, this unexpected praise from his mother makes him very happy. Her approval actually filled the void that Gendo left by ignoring Shinji.

  • She also is proud of Rei and tells her that her heritage is not important, it's her actions that speak for themselves.

  • What the Hell, Hero?: After regaining her ability to communicate with the outside world, she rips Gendo a new one for abandoning Shinji and for becoming the antithesis of the man she had fallen in love with.

ReiHook for Dead Fro...


  • Good Parents: There is no question that they care deeply for their daughter. While not seen often, whenever they interact with Mana, the warmth can be felt.

  • Foil: Mr. Kirishima is that to Gendo. Both had their children being pulled into their respective projects. But while Gendo treats Shinji like crap (or simply ignores him), Mr. Kirishima gives Mana lots of help to ease her into her new job and always treats her as his daughter first.

  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Mr. Kirishima is this in regards to Mana.

  • Spared by the Adaptation: Unlike the game, where they are dead in Mana's back-story, they are well and alive here.

  • Mayumi Yamagishi Blind Without 'Em: Subverted. While Mayumi's vision is somewhat blurry without her glasses, she finds the idea she couldn't see at all without them ridiculous.

  • Body Horror: She has an S2 core inside her body, which looks really disgusting, once removed. Even having that thing inside her body is already a scary thought.

  • Canon Foreigner: Since she only appeared in a game and a few supplemental books - of which none are canon - her inclusion in the story does come as a surprise.

  • Faking the Dead: For her own safety, as SEELE believes her to be dead. It's no longer needed once the city is being evacuated.

  • The Mole: She is a spy (albeit under duress) sent by SEELE in order to spy on the pilots.

  • Unexpected Character: Due to her non-canon status, her inclusion into the story did come as a surprise to many.

  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: SEELE attempts to kill her by activating her S2 organ. Fortunately, she survives the attempt.

  • Good Parents: Having three daughters, they do have their hands full. Mrs. Horaki does take the part of the strict parent, in order to steer their daughters onto the right path. Hikari takes after her a lot.

  • Spared by the Adaptation: In canon, Mrs. Horaki is long dead. However, here she's still alive.

  • Leliel, 12th Angel Alien Geometries: This only starts to describe her weird properties.

  • Big Eater: One of her defining traits. The disturbing thing is what exactly she eats...

  • Fatal Flaw: Her sheer laziness. She could win with ease, but decides to wait and laze around, which in the end is her undoing.

  • Fat Slob: What her siblings think of her. It certainly does fit, since she could have destroyed Tokyo-3 and all EVA units with ease, but is too lazy to do so, which turns out to be a horrible error.

  • I'm a Humanitarian: Ate an entire fully staffed base entirely and we are treated to the wonderful sight of her digesting the dead bodies. Fully intends to do that to Asuka as well, though that turns out to be a mistake that costs her dearly.

  • Ludicrous Gibs: Her fate here is the same as in canon, described in loving detail. The sight is so disgusting that Maya has to vomit.

  • Pocket Dimension: Frighteningly enough, said pocket dimension is Lelie's stomach.



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