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Christina Shine

The Eurobabeindex by noproblemo, Sbando, Bunny & FrigoFrom an original idea by Speelie and me.Nifty scripts by noproblemo.Noproblemo's scripts are his own and they can't be re-used without permission.Please don't copy our content without a link back or a thank you. Stick your spiders where the sun don't shine."Eurobabeindex" created by Jessie, The Yodeling Cowgirl.

christina shine

What they're not allowed to do, of course, is shine. That's OK for hair and lipstick and, on the right occasion, some nice, knee-high boots. It's not OK for female human beings. What they have to understand is that when God grabbed Adam's rib, honed it into a "helpmeet", and decided, on a wild whim, to perpetuate the human species, he did it on a principle that he set (as always) in stone. O Daughter of Babylon, thou shallst not surpass, diminish or in any other way threaten the male of the species. Because, quite frankly, if you do, the mechanisms I've designed (a bit Heath Robinson, I guess, but they'll do) just won't work. 041b061a72


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