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Osirix User Manual Download ((EXCLUSIVE))

Now, OsiriX has a user base of at least 25,000 users (as measured by unique Internet Protocol [IP] addresses). That number is almost certainly higher as it doesn't include those users behind firewalls, whose IP addresses are hidden, Ratib said. The software is available for free download at

osirix user manual download

It is meant for professional users and while I doubt you have an x-ray machine or an electro-magnetic scanner in your bedroom, you might learn something by looking at the demos available. You actually have two very big samples to download, with lots of DICOM images (the standard for radiological and non-radiological medical images). What does it have this kind of image file more than a JPEG? Well, a lot. You can see the picture in 3D, zoom in, discovering details, basically you can navigate within the picture, even turning it upside down if you wish. This gives you a perfect idea of the shape of human organs and could be useful for any science student or generally curious person.

Osirix is a free imaging processing software, specifically designed for medical imaging by a radiologist, and is readily downloaded online for use unreservedly (27). It is able to produce the same or better images than the currently available programs on a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, Osirix can be readily operated on a laptop computer, which enables viewing in the operating theatre or at home. Similar to Siemens Syngo InSpace, Osirix enables the user to create 3D volume-rendered reconstructions and assign colors using an appropriate CLUT function to optimize visualization of perforators and their course, as demonstrated in our previous case report (28).


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