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Download __TOP__ Bandizip 20 7 (Pro Ent Portable) Zip

@outskirter:(...The portable version does not include the internal image viewer/previewer, and even though the options for it are still there in the Settings menu, you'll get an error message that AIView can't be loaded. That's because its components are missing...)This has been fixed as of version 3.07, in a roundabout way : while the Portable version still lacks the internal image viewer module, the option to use it is now greyed out in the Settings menu.BTW, in answer to my request, the BZ admin has kindly provided an updated summary table clarifying the differences between the four Bandizip versions available for download, namely : Install / Admin / Portable / Mac OS/X __philippe

Download Bandizip 20 7 (Pro Ent Portable) zip



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