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Ranch Sim NEW!

Ranch Simulator is a PC game, simulating life on the ranch. It supports single-player as well as multi-player for up to 4 people (a host and 3 guests). The game is currently available on steam. Excalibur Games is the publisher company while Toxic Dog dev team is responsible for developing the game.

ranch sim

In Horse Tales, you need to restore the Emerald Valley ranch, a run-down family estate. You can decorate it, restore buildings such as stables and care facilities, and improve all of the amenities. But the world is perhaps the most captivating part. The surrounding area is enchanting and mystical, with secrets tucked away, and you can gallop across stunning beaches. charming forests, and lovely lagoons with your trusty horse.

With your horse at your side, you can explore the world and complete missions, whether it's gathering resources for the ranch or helping out friends. Will you be able to rebuild the ranch to retain your family's legacy?

Ranch Simulator is an open-world ranch simulator game developed by Toxic Dog and published by Excalibur Games. The player assumes the role of a city dweller who inherits a derelict ranch after his grandfather's passing. Throughout the game, the player will have to restore the place to its former glory and manage it, looking after the livestock to make a profit and hunting game in the surrounding woodland area. Released in Early Access in March 2021, Ranch Simulator was met with a positive reception, with the players praising the mechanics of the ranching game and its ambitious scope.

The story of Ranch sim game follows the player, who inherits a run-down ranch from his late grandfather. The player arrives to find the place ruined and in dire need of a fixer-upper. They begin working on bringing the ranch to its former glory, restoring the buildings, breeding livestock, and growing crops. Throughout the game, the player will find out that managing a ranch isn't as easy as it would initially seem, and running a successful operation takes a lot of effort.

Ranch Simulator is an open-world sandbox farm game, where the player has a free choice of how to approach running their operation. The derelict state of the place calls for a renovation, and the player will have to choose the required components to make their ranch look the part. Raising ranch buildings, such as barns, stables, and silos, will cost the player money, so the player should also focus on breeding livestock - cattle, poultry, etc.

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