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Rain In The French Quarter |WORK|

When heavy rain outpaces the ground's ability to absorb water and the drainage system's capacity, minor and even major flooding can happen. These heavy rains can happen often. In fact, in the last 20 years, New Orleans has seen 42 flood events. 2 Coastal areas outside of the levee system in New Orleans are also at risk for flooding from waves during storms.

Rain in the French Quarter


Rainwater flows quickly over impermeable pavement, like concrete. If that water can be slowed down, held, or absorbed, less flooding will happen. Simple projects like installing a rain garden or rain barrel in your yard can help reduce the risk of flooding on your property.

New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA), set in one of the largest urban parks in America, is a wonderful experience for art lovers. Noted for its fine collection of French and American art, its expanding collection of art, photography, glass and African and Japanese works is great. Take time for a fresh, simple lunch in Café NOMA overlooking City Park. If the rain stops for awhile, walk along the footpath of Besthoff Sculpture Gardens to admire 60 wonderful sculptures exhibited in a lovely setting of live oak and magnolias, lagoons and pedestrian bridges.

Frank Conforto Jr. walks in the parking lot of the University Medical Center with the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in the background on Glavez Street in New Orleans after flooding from a storm Wednesday, July 10, 2019. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has declared a state of emergency in anticipation of tropical weather that could dump as much as 15 inches (38 centimeters) of rain in the state over the coming days.

One of the best ways to pass a rainy day in NOLA is listening to jazz, brass, R&B, soul, and more. You'll find live music throughout the city... there are so many options that you almost don't need to seek it out!

The last time I was in town on a rainy day, I spent it at the New Orleans Museum of Art. It was the perfect way to enjoy the day without getting soaked, and the weather even cleared up enough to check out the beautiful sculpture garden and City Park in the afternoon.

Now that you know how to spend a rainy day in New Orleans, you can start planning the rest of your trip! Start by reading by reading my New Orleans Travel Guide ... it has everything you need to know to plan your trip.

Coming off the months of winter, March tends to be the least-humid month in New Orleans, and also less rainy than other times of the year. Beginning in March and lasting through April and May, trees and flowers begin to bloom and regain their luster in verdant neighborhoods like the Garden District and Audubon Park.

Bottom Line: The best time to travel to New Orleans is typically between October and April. Off-season rates and lower rainfall make fall a beautiful time to visit, while winter and spring festivities keep the energy high. Generally, travelers tend to avoid the city in the summer and early fall due to high temperatures and humidity, which can make long days outside uncomfortable.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the cheapest time to visit New Orleans is during its least-crowded months, when flights, restaurants, and hotels see the lowest amount of bookings. If you can suffer through the heat and humidity, summer is the best window to experience New Orleans on a budget.

Ok so I booked this trip since DECEMBER !! SO its going to RAIN 4 OUT OF MY 6 DAYS :( YES I Know where to eat BUT MOST activities are outdoors....Wat is going to happen to my ferry ride, boat paddle ride, parks and festivals for satchmo's etc.....natchez (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g)document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);)(function()ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-42501383', '');, 'log_autolink_impression');cruise all my plans (I am crying) What do people do when it is rainging? I dont want to hang out in my hotel I want to walk around and remain not drenched please help : (

I have been there when it rained just about all day every day-still had a great time. But, I have also been in your situation. Had all this stuff to do planned and the forecast was for rain every day. It didn't rain one time. So, don't get worked up it may not even rain and if it does believe me in the August heat you will probably welcome a bit of rain.

(ta && ta.queueForLoad ? ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g)document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);)(function()ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-42508256', '');, 'log_autolink_impression');New Orleans is the kind of place that has so much to see and do, your days and evenings will be full even if it rains. Which brings up another thing to worry about.

I understand your concern, but it probably won't rain all day and there is so much to do in (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g)document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);)(function()ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-42508775', '');, 'log_autolink_impression');New Orleans that it won't be hard to find something during the rainy periods. Here are some suggestions:

Unexpected fun times can happen in New Orleans in the rain. On our most recent trip to New Orleans, we were just finishing up on a walking tour and it started pouring. We ran to a nearby bar and spent a very fun hour chatting with locals and enjoying a few drinks. By the time we left, the sun was shining again and the people we had met at the bar had told us about a weekly festival going on that night that we should go to - and we did!

Keep your eye out for a comfortable French Quarter cafe/bar with covered table or stools offering a good view of the street and sidewalks. Rain in the French Quarter offers its own special peace and beauty. Let the damp warmth battled by intense air conditioned cooling, typically wonderful music playing from somewhere, view of people and structures with a descernible past, and sweet yet pungent odor followed by the clean after-rain bouquet, just kind of flow over you.

I am leaving for NO on Wednesday for 3.5 days and it looks like the only day it will be sunny with no chance of rain is the 1/2 day when we return home. Besides drinking and visiting WW II & Ogden Museums, can you suggest other things to do and see in NO should it rain?

Find a great bar somewhere and sit, have a drink and enjoy he rain or take the street (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g)document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);)(function()ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-24103783', '');, 'log_autolink_impression');car going uptown. Tons to do during the rain!

Find a corner bar/lounge with a good view of (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g)document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);)(function()ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-24118939', '');, 'log_autolink_impression');French Quarter streets and a great jukebox (my favorite is the Chart Room). If the bartender is really good, he'll play songs about rain. Just kind of savor the sights and sounds, and feeling.

As Blanche asks in Streetcar, "Don't you just love these long rainy afternoons in New Orleans when an hour isn't just an hour--but a little piece of eternity dropped into your hands--and who knows what to do with it?"

Capacity: 200-250Unique Elements: The courtyard is newly renovated to provide more uninterrupted space. The new look is exquisite!Average Cost Per Head: $85Additional Information: A customized tent is available as a rain plan. It is $2500 and can be cancelled up to 72 hours before the event.

Capacity: Ceremony Chairs for up to 100 people Seating and Standing Room for 150 peopleUnique Elements: Elegant courtyard with a European style fountain as its centerpiece.Cost Per Head: Starting at $90 per personAdditional Information: A retractable canopy is available for no additional charge in the event of inclement weather. There are also two cooling units for hotter months and mobile heaters for cold weather months. -quarter-weddings

Capacity: Up to 240 (250 for reception style, 240 for seated ceremony)Unique Elements: The charm gates at the 613 Royal entrance were wrought in Spain especially for The Court of Two Sisters. Legend says that Queen Isabella of Spain had them blessed so that their charm would pass on to anyone who touched them.Cost Per Head: $75 per guestAdditional Information: Largest outdoor dining courtyard in the quarter. No tents are allowed due to canopy of Wisteria vines covering courtyard. Rain plan: move into terrace dining area which can accommodate up to 300 guests.

Capacity: 300 peopleUnique Elements: A wood burning fire place, different courtyard areas for dancing, cocktails, etc, ton of greenery, gas fire lanterns, blends funky and historicalCost Per Head: no cost per head, $8,000-$15,000 to rent property.Additional Information: They do not cater or have a bar, so the price to rent the venue is strictly for the property. The price to rent the tents as a rain plan range from $600-$1500. The property is approximately 75% courtyard space and 25% indoor.

Capacity: 400+Unique Elements: 200 yr old magnolia tree offering shade, a beautiful gazebo, two 200 yr old oak trees, 2 decks for extra spaceCost Per Head: Packages starting at $75 per person.Additional Information: This venue is a combination of indoor space and courtyard/outdoor space. In the event of rain, they offer many options for tenting, ranging from one smaller tent to many tents if needed. They also offer additional upstairs space in the event of rain at no additional charge


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