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Russian Kettlebell Challenge-Tsatsouline.pdf

This is a fantastic book that offers a brief history, use of, and the exercises involved with the kettlebell. I started with ENTER THE KETTLEBELL to be instructed in the mechanics, and bought THE RUSSIAN KETTLEBELL CHALLENGE to experience the broader use of the kettlebell.I have many years experience in weight training but with just six weeks of practising with the kettlebell my body composition has radically changed. The workouts are gruelling and more satisfying then the traditional barbell exercises. The engagement of the nervous system is incredible, it allows for the use of heavy resistence with PNF principles. In a word the workouts are three dimensional, awesome.

Russian Kettlebell Challenge-Tsatsouline.pdf


After having great success using Power To The People to boost my strength, I thought I'd give the Russian Kettlebell Challenge a try. I read where others had great results trimming fat while using this simple tool.I asked for and received my first kettlebell Christmas, 2003. Over the next 6 months I trained with kettlebells exclusively. I lost 25 lbs. of body weight, going from 250 to 225. But, that's just a small piece of the story. My body fat percentage has dropped from over 30% down to 17% during the same time period. 13 percentage points averages out to almost 2% bodyfat drop per month. Those who can do the math realize I lost more fat than body weight! Some of that fat was being replaced new muscle. My resting heart rate is down from 72 bpm to 66. My ability to keep up with my sons when doing physical task has increased tremendously. Things I struggled with last summer are a breeze to me now. I purchased two more bells just a couple months ago. I'll probably ask for a couple more this Christmas. Kettlebells have changed how I train for endurance, stamina and fat loss. Pavel has changed how I'll train for the rest of my life!

In 25 years of training, I've used free weights, Nautilus, Cybex and all the rest of the machines. And I've studied all the books and tried all the protocols: high rep, low rep, multi-joint, isolation, circuit and interval.Simply put, kettlebells and Pavel's book demolish all the other hardware and protocols. Yes, Pavel's ideas seem shocking, and the hardware seems too simple, and that's exactly the point. Using only two drills that Pavel details in RKC, my body has been revolutionized: I'm stronger and leaner at 44 than I've ever been, and there's no end in sight. The book is smart, inspiring and fun, and most importantly it delivers on all its promises.

I love when pencil necks wince as their soft little palm gets crushed by my calloused vice grip. I look em dead in the eye because I earned that shake, kettlebell style. This book gave me an execellent introduction to the kettlebell. I would highly reccommend this book. I would also asap purchase Power to the People.These two texts contain all you really need to get strong, to tell the truth even one or the other will do, but both is better. I say about 6 week cycles between the two is really productive.If you are not using kettlebells you are wasting your training time and losing out on a still somewhat secret weapon. Now go get strong, or go away.

I started training with kettleblls at the age of fourteen with a 12 kilo for about 6 months. Pavels great techniques helped me to acheive muscle mass increase, my strenght went trhough the roof, and my endurace is amazing. Everyone from my school wanted to know my secret, and i told them simply kettlebells. They looked at me like i was crazy. After i started to get really strong for my 15th birthday i decided to get two 20 kilo kettlebells. I got tottaly whipped out the first few workouts. However, after a couple of months of training my strenght increased by at least 70 percent and my muscle mass inreased as well. Now everyone fears me and my potential, and takes me as a threat in sporting competitions. My new knickname has become girevik and the BEAST all thanks to Pavels book and Kettlebells. I am curently training to become an elite in the sport of wrestling, and shot put in my school. Standing at 6 foot 2 inches weighing 200 pounds i have become already an elite in fitness within my family thanks to kettlebells and Pavels ideas. I'm thinking of taking up Power to the People, and i already am using the Naked Warrior and Bullet Proof Abs. Simply this is Pavels Best work yet, THANKS AGAIN!!!!

As a Personal trainer, I have access to two "fully-equipped" fitness centers to for my own training, at no charge, and don't use either one any more.Here's the point, I find kettlebells superior to anything I find in those gyms for what I want to accomplish. That is not to knock those facilities, I just want a more functionally-balanced program.I am 53 years old, and train six days a week with kettlebells.My wife, also a Personal Trainer, and a medical professional finds kettlebells superior for her training. She trains four times a week with them.This is the best equipment and training strategy I've seen, period!

Learning how to use kettlebells with correct form and technique requires knowledge and a very specific skillset. While kettlebells may be beneficial for some, they may also pose some increased risks for others.

Since there are large shear compressive loads when performing the kettlebell swing expressed on the lumber spine, it may be contraindicated for an individual who is sensitive to spinal shear compressive loading to perform certain exercises.(3)

Pro Tip: Adjust kettlebell weights according to the rep scheme you are working with. When performing higher reps use light kettlebell weights. When performing lower reps use heavier kettlebell weights.

Pavel Tsatsouline swung into prominence on the rounded handle of the kettlebell back in 2001, with the release of his training manual "The Russian Kettlebell Challenge." But today, this now-common iron ball only forms part of his prolific body of work.

Along the way, Tsatsouline also started the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC), a teaching certification renowned for its meticulous technique and grueling physical examinations. But in 2012, he and a number of RKC insiders split away to form StrongFirst, a "school of strength" that offers barbell and bodyweight courses and certifications in addition to kettlebells. But lest anyone think that he has "taken a hard right toward 1RM strength," as he wrote in a blog post, Tsatsouline has returned to the kettlebell workout in his new book "Kettlebell: Simple and Sinister."

In Russia, the kettlebell traditionally has been a training tool for tough people. When I started teaching kettlebells to Americans, I saw the same pattern; my early students were military operators, fighters, and other hard men.

The Russian kettlebell has a lot to offer to a bodybuilder. In my book "Return of the Kettlebell," I explained the science behind using repetition kettlebell quick lifts for hypertrophy. In a nutshell, fast eccentrics physically "tear" up the muscles; a metabolic upheaval from extremely demanding full-body quick lifts "tears" them up chemically with free radicals.

The results are extraordinary, even at the elite level. Powerlifting world champion Brad Gillingham quickly added meat to his back, hams, and glutes just from a few sets of hard style swings with an 88-pound kettlebell. Amuse yourself: This is exactly 10 percent of his 881-pound deadlift.

I taught powerlifter Donnie Thompson how to train with kettlebells for power. In just three months Donnie packed 26 pounds of muscle on his already overwhelmingly muscular frame. In nine months kettlebells added 65 pounds to his deadlift and 100 pounds to his bench press. Today Thompson owns the highest powerlifting total in history: 3,000 pounds.

My "Deadlift Dynamite" co-author Andy Bolton, the man who cracked the historic 1,000-pound deadlift barrier, swears by kettlebells. But note that stimulating hypertrophy with kettlebells demands a very particular "hard-style" technique and specific programming. Refer to "Return of the Kettlebell" (once you have dialed in kettlebell fundamentals).

Nothing gets lost on the professional and serious amateur level. Everything gets lost in the mass market. It does not bother me. People who buy pink kettlebells and similar nonsense live in a parallel universe I have no interest in. They are flakes drifting from one "build muscle fast" and "lose fat tomorrow" scheme to the next. They will never achieve their goals, and I have no intention of wasting my time motivating them. I preach to the choir.

I am not saying that serious kettlebell training is elitist. Not at all. The price of admission is a strong spirit and attention to detail. At a recent StrongFirst kettlebell cert, one of the students was an extremely motivated young man with cerebral palsy.

Not surprisingly, our kettlebell cert is extremely demanding mentally and physically and requires extensive preparation. In spite of the high caliber of the individual it attracts, typically 30 percent of the students fail.

"Kettlebell: Simple & Sinister" will teach you how to build a rock-solid general base for your specialized training in bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc. Nothing does it better than the kettlebell. Consider the hard-style kettlebell swing. Which other exercise can increase both a professional powerlifter's strength and an elite marathoner's endurance?

Note that there is a world of difference between swinging a kettlebell and performing a proper hard-style swing. The devil is in the details. And this is where "Kettlebell: Simple & Sinister" comes in. I have written it in the tradition of "The Naked Warrior," with a laser focus and obsessive attention to detail.

As most of you know, Pavel Tsatsouline was the man responsible for popularizing the kettlebell in North America starting in the late 1990s. He had a long time relationship with the DragonDoor publishing company, which sells his books, videos, and also manufactures high quality bells. Last year he broke away from DragonDoor and the RKC organization and started a new organization, StrongFirst. His new book is titled "Simple and Sinister" and it details his new program minimum, an updated and simplified version of the programming he described in the classic "Enter the Kettlebell" book. 041b061a72

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