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Learn How to Use SAP2000 v15 Crack for Structural Analysis and Design

Abstract:Defects in pile foundations, such as neck defects, bulge imperfections, weak concretes, cracks, and broken piles, can cause a decrease in the bearing capacity and the structural stability of the foundation. Identification of the type of defect is vital in formulating a reasonable repair plan for the pile foundation. In this study, the authors proposed a scheme to identify the types of defects in concrete piles based on a convolution neural network and a low-strain pile integrity test (LSPIT). A batch modeling method of defective pile foundations using Python script was also proffered. The different degrees of signals of five types of defective pile foundations were simulated by this method. The original data were decomposed and reconstructed by wavelet packet decomposition (WPT). To prevent the data from losing too much information after WPT, the data of 400 1 after decomposition and reconstruction were processed by dimension-raising to obtain the data of 20 20 1. Then, the multidimensional feature index of 20 20 2 was generated by index fusion with the original data. Finally, the data were input onto convolutional neural network (CNN) as a training parameter. Following an improvement of the dataset, the recognition accuracy of the type of defect in the pile foundation by the proposed identification scheme reached 94.4%.Keywords: concrete pile; numerical simulation; convolutional neural network; wavelet packet decomposition; low strain pile integrity test

sap200 v15 crack


1. There may or may not be any difference between the two (cracked and licensed), depending upon type of software cracking used. While you can rely and depend upon the analysis / design results in case of a licensed software , but not in case of cracked software (nobody will take responsibility for that), even if there is no difference of results. This is because of the fact that use of cracked software is incorrect ethically as well as legally. You cannot defend or justify use of such software, for the design of real-life structures, in a court of law.

The curing process is very important for the production of cement paste, however, during this process a very common problem occurs in works with large volumes of concrete: autogenous shrinkage. With it, cracks appear in building elements (walls, pillars, and others) which can compromise the structural integrity of the work by reducing its service life. Paying attention to this fact, the study of SAP incorporation in pastes, mortars and concretes is very promising because it can mitigate this process, helping in the curing process of the mixture. Autogenous shrinkage is a phenomenon that occurs in high-performance concretes because they have a very low water/cement ratio, which reduces the amount of water needed for cement-hydration reactions [6].

In order to achieve the required fluidity and high strength concrete, a low water-to-cementitious ratio is essential for self-compacting cementitious materials mixture. The purpose of internal curing is to prevent autogenous stresses and deformations, which can lead to early cracking, by maintaining saturated conditions within a hydrated cement paste [6].

Chindasipiphan et al. [10] developed an experimental program with few conventional concrete mixtures with cement replacement by different proportions of fly ash and with addition of SAP. The specimens whose traces were composed with replacement of cement by 45% of fly ash and with addition of SAP in the proportions of 4.0%, 6.0% and 8.0% showed reduction of compressive strength by approximately 28%, 36% and 34%, respectively, in relation to the control trait. However, by means of a self-healing efficiency test, which was evaluated by temporal decreases in water discharge through a pre-existing crack, 100% closure of the crack and restoration of permeability at 28 days of healing were observed, indicating the medium-term healing capacity of concrete by the coupling effect of fly ash and SAP. In addition, Chindasipiphan et al. [10] were successful in using SAP as a crack sealer because it accelerates carbonation activities by depositing calcium carbonate in the cracks.

Curing requires regulating the temperature and flow of moisture to enhance the hydration of the cement. As the strength of the concrete section increases, it is vital to keep the temperature constant in order to prevent cracks produced by the strength diminishing [17].

Figure 17a, b depict the mode shapes of the Quincy bridge. Such shapes provide good coloration to that referenced in Wilson and Gravelle [36], Wilson and Liu [37], and Hua and Wang [17]. FEM was used in [13] to get mode shapes. Wilson and Liu [37] made tests on the Quincy bridge to get mode shapes. In Hua and Wang [17], numerical model on sap2000 was created to get mode shapes.

Hola AportesIngeCivil, tengo un problema con la oculto, no puedo generar el archivo lservrc. Baje el crack, y realice todas las instrucciones especificadas para la activación del ETABS: desactive el antivirus, obtuve el número que da el licenseRequest.exe pero a la hora de ejecutar el archivo Licence_Etabs_2015_r2.exe no abre, dice que no es una aplicación win32 válida. En uno de los comentarios anteriores leí que una opción era general el archivo lservcr desde un ordenador de 64 bits, lo intente pero al iniciar el Etabs 2015 me aparece un mensaje que dice Unable to find a license. La pc en la que quiero instalar el programa tiene Windows xp 32 bits. Desde ya muchas gracias!


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