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Cool Notes - Spend The Night (12 Inch Version) Sound

I remember my adrenaline even as a child being just through the roof. We started the journey to the basement and upon getting down the stairs, saw the basement was completely flooded except for one small spot in the far corner that was on a hill. We had to basically swim to safety. Except I couldn't swim so my mum lifted me up and carried me. We were all piled into this corner of the basement just freaking out while my Nana was praying in a language I didn't understand. There was one small dusty window right across from us ground level and I saw the tornado almost as if it were framed like a picture coming towards us. You could see the roof of the lady down the street just spinning in the tornado and I really thought we would all die. My dad and uncles were still on the front porch watching it like the cowboys they were, which I would never advise. This was the 90s before camera phones were a thing. The tornado tracked closer and the praying got louder. I expected to hear a train like sound but it sounded more like a fighter jet that was very angry. Somehow, some way it "jumped" our house and continued on for a short time behind us. We thought we were in the clear but the night had just begun.

Cool Notes - Spend The Night (12 inch version) sound

On April 27 2011, a tornado outbreak struck Smithville, Mississippi. After hearing the alert, I had walked outside. It was partly cloudy and warm but it turned cool so quickly that I thought it was over and I walked back inside my house. I lived in a apartment in a house with a double wall, a sound proof wall that separated my apartment from my neighbors. I was watching the news. WTVA Chief Meteorologist Matt Laubhan said the storm was coming to Smithville and I just stood there watching, waiting, looking at the TV and thinking this isn't gonna happen. About 30 seconds later, the power went out and the entire house shook for a minute and then stopped and I thought it was over so I was about to get up from my floor when the shaking began again and wouldn't stop this time. I felt the pressure drop and as the shaking got louder, I got worried. Then it felt like the house exploded. I woke up one hour and a half later in a field a 1/4 mile away from the house with cuts to my body and a deep cut to my head and covered in blood dirt and grass. I was taken to Tupelo, Mississippi, where I spent 2 weeks in recovery.

A separate amplifier will provide more clean power than any car stereo, and that'll make a night-and-day difference in sound quality. Your system will sound better, whether you listen to a Mahler symphony at a conversational level or Metallica turned up to 11. An amplifier is essential to getting great sound in your car.

Mt. Washington, N.H., had its old monthly snowfall record crushed for May by a whopping 43.6 inches, beating the old record of 52.2 inches 30 years ago. The new record is 95.8 inches. The Northeast's cool weather continued through May, as the average temperature for the 12-state region was 4.4 degrees cooler than normal. For the Northeast, this was the fourth coolest May in the last 103 years, according to Keith Eggleston, a climatologist at the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University.

Right now, I'm looking for 4 powered speakers to use with our sound system at a small theatre. I'm one of the board members and I in charge of finding the best speakers for our little theatre. We perform in an open floor setting. It's a large room and we put up pipe and drape to create a backdrop for the audience. I want to put one speaker in each corner so I could have stereo or Quad sound and make the sound move around the room when needed. I thought it would be best to have hard wired (XLR cables) powered speakers so they can be moved around and plugged in anywhere. Any suggestions on the best speakers for this setting? I can spend $500 - $800 for all four. I already have a mixer. I would also like to place them on stands in each corner. So, I'm thinking of buying two sets of two speakers with stands.

Hay im a drummer been playing many years in many bands. Thing is ive never need any mics to my drums or a pa system so i really never had to work or figure out a PA till now that i have started my own band. Im looking for the best sound i can get working with what i can afford and what i can buy when i have the chance to buy it ive had no help and knowledge about any of this other from what the music store tells me. So i have for my mains the dual 15inch jbl. And 2 18inch peavey black widow. Im pushing it with a beringer inuke 3000 i have a analog 16ch EV mixing board. A peavey 2ch EQ and a lexicon digital effects.

Hi. I was using 2 12inch active Mackie srm 450 with alto small mixer in a pub. But the sound was not loud as it could be the carpets and the curved wall structures? So what can I do to make it more loud for 50-75 people in the same place? We were using 2 electro - acoustic guitars, bass guitar and cajun with 2 vocals.

It sounded so simple: Rent an RV and go anywhere, any time. If somewhere you're staying doesn't live up to expectations, just check out someplace else down the road. You don't even need a campground in which to spend the night.

My dear Helen - I left myself just exactly enough time last night to do the necessary things before starting. Mr. Daly appeared and went to the car with me but he was so tired and sleepy that I refused to let him go in town with me. So we parted in Cambridge and I sleepily went my lonely way, trying to convince myself that I was not coming back by the next car. I found my berth h all right and was abed before we started. I slept but little and looked out several times, once as we came into New London, to see the lights along the waters of the sound and this morning to find a glorious clear off. So now having had breakfast and a little smoke I am scribbling you this line to say that I have nothing to say except that I love you and want to go back to you at Cambridge rather than forward to far-away Alaska. I am going up to Mr. Bishop's very soon and this evening will I hope have something of interest to tell and to send you. Till then, good morning,

Dear Helen - This has been a fine day in many respects and for me at least contained one novel experience. We crossed the summit of the line in the early morning and all day long every new turn brought into view some new vista of distant snow clad mountain or rocky cliff. Each stop we all scramble off to pick some tiny flower or some rock from the road side. Then it's all aboard again and on we go to the next stop. We have been in the Rocky Mts all day but it is mostly a high plateau country, the lofty ranges all lying 50 or 60 miles to the north or south. The highest point on the line is almost 8000 ft. at Sherman. It was high enough to give the air a fine bracing quality anyway and as it was cool as well it was a joy to be outdoors. Most of the morning for the time I was smoking I was on the back platform amusing the ladies and enjoying the view. After the midday meal I was for a long time with Mr. Burroughs trying to explain to him some of the geology of the remarkable scenery thro' which we were passing which was so wholly new to him. He seemed very interested in what I told him and I enjoyed the conversation. About six P.M. we reached and crossed the Green River quite a good sized stream in fine scenery and a little later came to Granger the point where we left the regular overland Union Pacific line for the Portland line which goes to the north through Idaho. Here came the experience - a fellow named Trudeaux and I took a twenty five mile ride on the cowcatcher of our engine. It was fine and as the pace was slow absolutely free from danger. It was up the valley of quite a stream which was over its banks. The meadows were green and hemmed on both sides by brown rocky hills. Numbers of birds rose on each side and two were killed by the engine. There was considerable excitement in the rushing along thus on the very front of the train but the wind was fierce and at first we were well chilled but that passed soon. I do not think I care to repeat the ride but am bound to get into the cab for a trip before we come to the end of our journey. This is one of the privileges of being with railway magnates on a special train. It has grown by the way to seven cars. We are off for a great trip tomorrow - a thirty mile ride to the great Shoshone Falls of the Snake river and back. I am wondering what will be left of me after 30 miles on an Indian pony - we only need to ride one way as coaches go along and we change off. We start at 6 A.M. and expect to get back by dark. So tomorrow you need not expect to hear from me. Good night - "Yes I do!" very much - your devoted

Woke up late - 8:30, to find a glorious morning and, with a S.E. wind the fog gone for once from the mountain tops. So as soon as I can I pack some lunch and make a start up the first ridge for Pinnacle Pk. Sun hot at my back as well as the little breeze and the tramp up the ridge therefore far from cool. Climbed up to about 2000 feet, as far as the crumbling pinnacles would allow, then scrambled by dangerous ledges around by the talus slopes to a snow slope that led to a notch in the ridge. Here I had a splendid panorama, including the waters of Port Moller an arm of Behring Sea to the NW. Also found the wished-for key to the geological structure of the region in the intrusive rocks filling a big area behind the peak. Lunch eaten on the summit and some rocks collected I am off again to slide down the snow slope and wander back over the loveliest alpine gardens clothed in gay flower garments, starting ptarmigan from the rocks here and there and a young eagle from his watch above the lake. Back to camp by 5 P.M. in time for a delicious bath in the bay and then for a quiet fishing near camp with the luck to catch a beauty 18 inches long and several not quite so large. 041b061a72


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