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The French explorer Jean de Léry, who visited villages in the Guanabara Bay in southeastern Brazil in the 16th century, claimed to have witnessed cannibalistic rituals, including a case where villagers allegedly roasted a dead prisoner of war. The German soldier and adventurer Hans Staden told the same story when he was held captive by the Tupinamba people in Brazil for nine months in 1552.


'The last tribe of cannibals on Earth' kills people 'possessed by demons' and then eats them (photos)

'Last tribe of cannibals on Earth' kills people 'possessed by demons' and then eats them (photos)

He claimed that he thought he would be the next prisoner to be part of the feast, until he won the favour of the chief and was released. But the artefacts left behind by the people were the only discoveries made by archaeologists at the site.

As the excavation continued, the team was stunned to discover even more. Wellington says objects from four different eras of occupation at the site were buried underground. The second layer contained artefacts commonly associated with Amazonian rainforest civilisations.

This was followed by a "sambaki", a mound of pottery, shells and bones used by some indigenous groups either to build their homes or to bury their dead. The archaeologists continued digging and found another layer of ceramics made by a group of people who lived between 8,000 and 9,000 years ago, at a depth of about 2 metres.


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