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In Dreams YIFY ((INSTALL))

I've liked pretty much all of Annette Bening's movies, although I did think that Neil Jordan's "In Dreams" should have come out as a little bit more given what all seems to have gone into it. As it is, I've seen lots of movies that portray people's dreams being more than just dreams and possibly showing something evil. This one isn't terrible, but I've seen this sort of thing so many times that there's nothing really new here. The movie's main strength is it's dreary, nearly Gothic setting.So, it's worth seeing maybe once. The movie just might give you a different impression of Annette Bening, plus co-stars Aidan Quinn and Robert Downey Jr.So just remember what Roy Orbison sang...

In Dreams YIFY

In 1965, Northfield was evacuated to create Northfield Reservoir. In the present, Paul (Aidan Quinn) and Claire Cooper (Annette Bening)'s beloved only daughter Rebecca is taken and killed. In distress, Claire drives off a bridge. She is treated by Doctor Stevens. Claire believes herself to be somewhat psychic and starts having dreams about the killer. She gets treated by psychiatrist Dr. Silverman. Detective Jack Kay is investigating the case. She goes crazy and is sent to an asylum.There is something wrong with Paul. I don't really buy him as a grieving father. The constant flashes to the underwater dream world is also problematic. It's not compelling cinematically and disrupts the flow of the movie. Annette Bening tries her best to be crazy. That and the dreams overwhelm a mystery story about the serial killer. It's a psychological thriller that is kind of annoying. She causes a multi-car pileup over the dog and I want to shake her. I keep thinking when the movie is going to go back to the dead daughter.

Ran across this obscure 4-cast Dominican Republic thriller and gave it a whirl, mainly out of morbid curiosity to see Bianca Van Damme. The first 30 minutes were the roughest to get through, but eventually it rolls into its basic premise with a plot device spotted a mile away. The acting was OK, but not always convincing. Truthfully, a little above what I was expecting for this lower budget category. It tries to be clever with surreal story effects (dreams, I guess) but doesn't really land. For its budget, the sound design and audio are good, however, it would have scored better with me if it wasn't for the over-used camera/editing gimmicks. Dark filters, blur filters, bouncy/shaky cam, and even in this case, upside-down scenes, which in my opinion, worked against it and became distracting if not annoying. It is not completely void of intensity or good shots, so it did have its moments. No, Bianca does not do the splits and clobber opponents in the groin with a banshee wail, but she does rough it up, in more ways than one, even if upside-down.

There are some good examples of documentaries that have featured in the book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die, I hoped this one directed by Werner Herzog (Nosferatu the Vampyre, Fitzcarraldo, Grizzly Man) would be another good one. Basically in 1994 in Southern France a cave perfectly preserved for over 20,000 years was discovered by scientists, it contains the earliest known human paintings and images yet discovered, this was named the Chauvet Cave, after scientist Jean- Marie Chauvet. With the cultural significance the French government immediately cut-off all access to it, only allowing a few scientists, archaeologists and paleontologists to document it. Director Werner Herzog has been granted a limited amount of time and access to the cave, he is one of only a few allowed to film inside, he examines the beautiful artwork created by our ancestors over 32,000 years ago, some of which despite being centuries old looks fresh. Herzog asks questions to various historians and scientists during his journey about what the humans who visited, but never lives, in the caves would have been like and trying to build a bridge from the past to the present. The title comes from the fact that these hand drawn images were forgotten obviously, and some of the imagery is like something out of dreams, the narration by Herzog throughout has strange philosophy and meaning, but you can ignore this somewhat, the most interesting thing about this film is of course the ancient discovery and the fascinating things to see inside the cave, so it's a worthwhile enough documentary film. Good! 041b061a72


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