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She Said(2022)11 Available Subtitles ((HOT))

Depending on your personal need, subtitles might be enough for you to fully enjoy a show, while others need closed captions to get the most out of the experience. Regardless of your personal preference, setting up closed captioning on a Samsung Smart TV is a pretty straightforward process.

She Said(2022)11 Available subtitles


I. Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH)This section applies to subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing created for English language content (i.e. intralingual subtitles). For English subtitles for non-English language content, please see Section II

English Closed Captions subtitles are specifically intended for those who are deaf and hard of hearing. "Captions not only display words as the textual equivalent of spoken dialogue or narration, but they also include speaker identification, sound effects, and music description," according to the National Association of the Deaf.

Basically, the difference between English and English [CC] is that the closed-captions setting provides descriptions of sounds, such as gasps, and prompts as to who is speaking. They're often autogenerated and, in Squid Game's case according to one viewer, a closer match to the English dub than the English subtitles.

A viral thread on Twitter dove into how the closed-captions translation went as far as changing the meaning of the show. Youngmi Mayer, who co-hosts the Feeling Asian podcast, wrote last week, "not to sound snobby but i'm fluent in korean and i watched squid game with english subtitles and if you don't understand korean you didn't really watch the same show. translation was so bad. the dialogue was written so well and zero of it was preserved."

Live captions helps everyone and people who are deaf or hard of hearing read live captions in their native language. The first release of live captions in the Windows 11 2022 Update provided captions in English, with a focus on English (United States). In this build, live captions gains the ability to also provide captions in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish and other English dialects. We will add more languages as they become available.

To get started, live captions can be turned on with the WIN + Ctrl + L keyboard shortcut, or from the quick settings accessibility flyout via Quick Settings. When turned on for the first time, live captions will prompt for download of the required speech recognition support to enable on-device captioning. If speech recognition support is not available in your preferred Windows language or you want support in other languages, you will be able to download speech recognition support for live captions under Settings > Time & Language > Language & region.

The spokesman confirmed that, like with closed caption subtitles, the team is "actively working on providing a unified sub and dub experience on our players," and asked users to wait for future updates on Crunchyroll.

A translator who worked on Funimation simulcast subtitles told ANN anonymously that they were informed two days before Christmas that they would no longer receive work from the company. The call came two months after their rates were raised while the translator was doing preproduction work on Winter 2022 simulcasts.

Using Microsoft Speech Translation technology powered by Azure Cognitive Services, meeting participants can now use live captions to translate voice to subtitles using a language of their choice in a Teams meeting. Live translation for captions is ideal in meetings with multi-lingual participants, as it supports one spoken language and multiple subtitle languages.

Each month, we provide custom webinars to a large organization with locations in several countries across the Americas. With this excellent new feature, I can deliver the webinars in English, share my screen, and attendees can change their own captions to Spanish, Japanese, or any of the languages available that they are most comfortable with! That way, we can inclusively participate in the monthly webinars, no matter what the spoken language is. I know, it is exciting!

When meetings include live captions or transcription, Teams uses speaker attribution. You can hide your name in live captions, live transcription, and the saved transcription (available after the meeting).

Live translation for captions is temporarily available as a preview for all Microsoft Teams customers (GA: September 2022). After the preview period, to use the live translation for captions, meeting organizers will need the Teams Premium offering.

Note: Captions will only be displayed in apps or broadcasts that support captions. Some apps, such as Netflix, have their own caption settings that need to be turned on. For captions or subtitles on Blu-ray discs or DVDs, these are a feature of the disc and need to be selected in the disc's menu before starting the movie.

Multi-output Audio: Turns on the TV speakers and Bluetooth headphones, so you can hear the audio from both devices at once. You can set the headphones to a higher volume as well. This feature may not be available depending on your current area or TV model.

Even smarty-pants know-it-all adults benefit from subtitles. In a related study, researchers found that highly literate adults remembered brand names better when they watched captioned TV commercials. Same-language video captions also boosted the memory and cognition of college students. In a 1998 study, researchers reported that college students remembered course content significantly better when they watched captioned course lectures.

Hi, I live in Ukraine and specifically purchased Ghost Recon Wildlands from Ubisoft Store, instead of Steam because here full English language support was (and still is) stated in the game description for my region: But after installing the game I can only select between Russian and Chinese for UI and subtitles (dialogs are in English). English language is already selected for this game in the General section of game properties tab in Ubisoft Connect and has no effect:Is there a way to actually play in English in my region or is Ubisoft just deceiving the customers?

@ubi-froggard Hi, both in-game UI and subtitles are only available in Russian and Chinese, audio is in English. Two of my Ukrainian friends who also bought this game have the same issue:

Hey @soal_ua I'm sorry to hear that the English subtitles aren't working for you. Can you just confirm if English interface options are working too, or is that also only showing available as Russian and Chinese?

Hey @soal_ua Thanks for the screenshots. I will report this to the game team and the store team.At this time, I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug that the English subtitles and UI are missing, or if this is intended for the version of the game you have received and the image from the store has the wrong information uploaded, but we will let you know whenever we have more information.

I am encountering an identical issue where English isn't an option, leaving me with no choice but to select either Russian or Chinese.I'm incredibly irritated with the situation, the issue is more than a year old, -ui-and-subtitles-are-not-availableyet despite the statement of full English language support, I'm still stuck with a useless russian localization.So, since none of Ubisoft provided materials were helpful, can anyone from Ubisoft Support Staff provide me with the way I can add English text lang?

My God, the problem exists almost two years and no solution yet. I have the same issue. Bought game in Steam. Description says it has English localization, but in-game options set by default to russian and the only other available option is Chinese (???) for some reason. My Steam is in Ukrainian, Ubisoft Connect set to English, but game want me to play in russian which is not convenient nor acceptable. I hope appropriate teams will resolve this issue.

Hey there @Andrewshonok While the Ubisoft Store has recently been updated to include a Ukrainian Storefront (with the International Store also being available) where European / English language copies are sold, we have no influence over how other store fonts such as Steam or Epic identify regions. As such, you have purchased the Russian region copy of the game where only Russian and Chinese is available. This cannot be changed as it is a regional restriction and a warning should've been present at checkout. I'd advise reaching out to Steam Support to discuss a refund if the language options make the game unplayable and consider purchasing the game via the Ubisoft Store or perhaps one of our Digital Approved Retailers which may also stock a EN language copy for your region. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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