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Facebook Hacker V.1.8.rar (12 17 Mb)

Gary thank you for your help.My main problem would be the access is my facebook accounts.I would be kicked out every 2-3 hours for days even tho I changed passwords many times.Also in one of my mails I got a threatening scam mail that beyond the threat would prove that one of my using passwords had been compromised.The things is that different fb accounts would get hacked and they would change the main e-mail of those and would connect from different "IP"s (probably VPN).The same day I contacted this forum, I did a good clearance, I deleted my saved passwords and changed them all from every e-mail and every account. Since then I didn't have any problem yet, but I thought it might could be a script with a keylogger or something similar that I might not be aware, that keeps getting the info of my new passwords.For now I have no more troubles, I hope it will continue like this.If you got any ideas to share, or tips, about that situation, you may do.Again, thank you for the effort and for your help.Leon.

facebook hacker v.1.8.rar (12 17 mb)


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