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POD: Enoying The Last Day Of Summer HOT!

The southern residents are struggling to survive amid waters influenced by more than 6 million people, between Vancouver and Seattle, with pollution, habitat degradation and fishery declines. The plight of the southern residents has become grimly familiar as they slide toward extinction, with three more deaths just last summer. Telling was the sad journey of J35, or Tahlequah, traveling more than 1,000 miles for at least 17 days, clinging to her dead calf, which lived only one half-hour.

POD: Enoying The Last Day Of Summer

I had a great time studying at UCL last year. First of all, the lecturer is humorous and knowledgeable. Her explanations are rich in content and interactive. The lecture content structured pretty well and easy for people to learn, even for those who has no previous background. Also, everyone in the class were pretty active. The social activities held by UCL are interesting from operas and movies to day trips, which take us to know all aspects of London and Britain. The staff are very friendly and you can ask them any questions. In this program, not only did I learn a lot of knowledge, but also made a lot of friends. I really had a great summer in London.

Welcome back to our summer mini-series on nature! In this episode we continue a conversation with Lance Heard that we started last summer. Lance shares some ideas for staying connected to nature in our increasingly online work lives, guides us through how to forest bathe--and why--, and walks us through some of his favorite resources for discovering more about the natural world around us. So put on your forest bathing shoes, and let's get started!

Now, I know, this is a tall order. We use the internet for everything nowadays. But think about it. When was the last time you went for two hours without your phone? Try going 24 hours without internet, radio or TV. Go camping; sit and read a good book; talk to your friends and family or use the time to complete some of the ideas on this summer bucket list.


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